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The inspired wise words of Nelson Mandela, "It is in YOUR hands to create a better world for all who live in it", seem to be ring and re-sound more and more as I hear world news of devastation and heartache. Even the reminders of the animals and even people who have no shelter from the winter cold seem to be more urgent and I am more determined then ever to be an Agent of Change, a champion of positive contribution. Please join me.

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Adding an innovative twist to traditional South African favourites was the recipe for Capetonian Samantha Lloyd’s success at the Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Chef of the Year competition.
Lets Talk Business
Anthony Stroebel
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My partner Paul Rutzen and I discovered the building in September 2009 and knew immediately that it was a special venue with unique energy
Family & Home
5 fun ways to stimulate your preschool child’s development
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Try these easy activities that focus on more than one developmental area at a time, as recommended by Anel Annandale, Mysmartkid’s educational psychologist.
Intimacy & Fun
boy and girl
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The idea of a soul mate has been used by people for so many years. Yet, how often do we stop to truly evaluate what a soul mate means to us?
Fashion, Health & Beauty
Imposter Syndrome
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If you have the frequent sense that you are not deserving of the success that you worked so hard for - take heart - this recognised condition, known as the "Imposter Syndrome" can be cured!
Travel & Entertainment
Latest Post
bay harbour
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Imagine a place where the creative energy and the vibrancy of South Africa come alive in an old authentic fish factory in a working harbour....
Make a Difference
MyPlanet Rhino Fund Supports Rhino Conservation Projects
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With International Rhino Day on 22nd September, the continued focus on saving the rhino and raising funds in order to do this successfully is in the spotlight.
Competitions & Giveaways
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Three lucky SPICE4LIFE readers can stand a chance of winning a FREE copy of The Buyers' Guide 2015 Edition. All you need to do is enter now!
Whats Hot Or Not
Engenero lightens up on travelling
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Smart engineering, strength simulation and lab testing have taken luggage to new heights with the Samsonite Engenero.
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Get ready to celebrate your love for the best in authentic vintage threads, at The Vintage Saturday, Bay Harbour Market!

by Dr. Radut.
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