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The inspired wise words of Nelson Mandela, "It is in YOUR hands to create a better world for all who live in it", seem to ring and re-sound more and more as I hear world news of devastation and heartache. Even reminders of the animals and people who have no shelter from the winter cold seem to be more urgent and I am more determined then ever to be an Agent of Change, a champion of positive contribution. Please join me.

In a recent doctoral study at SU, De Villiers developed a sign language tutoring system and demonstrated its capabilities on a set of 132 video recordings of five signers signing SA Sign Language signs.
Lets Talk Business
How to Make the Most of Gumtree
SPICE4LIFE shares the stories of people who have had great success in finding quality products on Gumtree and just how they managed to do this.
Family & Home
Choosing kids bedroom furniture
By providing your children with the right furniture solutions, you will be helping them keep their rooms tidy and look after and find their toys more easily.
Intimacy & Fun
Latest Post
10 Reasons He...
Sometimes we look past the warning signs and fall for the wrong guy. But maybe, if we knew what to look for, we would be able to find our Mr Right? Here are 10 reasons why he is dating material.
Fashion, Health & Beauty
In support of World Eye Sight Day and National Eye Care Awareness Month, Mellins i-Style, a leading national chain of optometrists, has the following useful and fun tips for healthy vision.
Travel & Entertainment
Introducing Gaynor Echardt
We managed to catch up with Gaynor to find out just what it is that gets her up in the morning. Turns out, she loves to love - both her family and her colleagues - and is an inspiring woman indeed!
Make a Difference
Kumba celebrates female employees with Dust-to-Divas campaign
In celebration of women in mining, Anglo American’s Kumba Iron Ore business unit rolled out a campaign which saw two female miners trade their dusty overalls for a glamorous makeover in Johannesburg.
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No competitions
Watch this space for our upcoming competitions and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!!
Whats Hot Or Not
Disney Mickey & Minnie range
Best pals since 1928, two of Disney’s most loved characters, Mickey and Minnie, will come to life this spring at Ackermans.
The award-winning Pinotage-on-Tap Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Durban on Saturday 4 October at the picturesque Litchi Orchard Farm on Seaford Road in Salt Rock.