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The inspired wise words of Nelson Mandela, "It is in YOUR hands to create a better world for all who live in it", seem to be ring and re-sound more and more as I hear world news of devastation and heartache. Even the reminders of the animals and even people who have no shelter from the winter cold seem to be more urgent and I am more determined then ever to be an Agent of Change, a champion of positive contribution. Please join me.

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This year attendees of the Ed Tech Summit ranged from teachers coming from under-resourced schools to well funded schools in search of the latest and innovative educational techniques.
Lets Talk Business
Introducing Thandy Matlaila
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Thandy Matlaila's SPICE4LIFE is spicing up other people’s lives with good aroma. According to her, “service to the nation and doing what I love daily” is what gets her up in the mornings.
Family & Home
grandmother and child
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Despite the age difference, one common characteristic held by the elderly and young children is the need for hugs and attention.
Intimacy & Fun
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How to be the...
How to be the best bridesmaid
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Being chosen as a bridesmaid is seen as the highest honour. Some covet it, some are so honoured by it, some people shy away from the duty. However you feel, let us help you do it right!
Fashion, Health & Beauty
Noelene from Pink Drive
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The MTN South Africa Foundation, in conjunction with the Western Cape Government and PinkDrive, is expanding the breast cancer programme into the province to raise awareness.
Travel & Entertainment
Orange cake with lavender
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A tea time treat! Soft orange cake with a hint of lavender, an orange syrup and a citrus glaze.
Make a Difference
Answering the greatest call
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Life has a funny way of making you take a u-turn; whether planned or by “chance”. I have seen this in my own life, maybe - by reading this - you will too.
Competitions & Giveaways
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20 SPICE4LIFE readers can stand the chance of winning (double) tickets to the HomeMakers Expo. All you need to do is fill in the form below.
Whats Hot Or Not
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Google Glass
Google Glass
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Google Glass is the controversial wearable that still has its sci-looking beta testers turning heads and being peppered with questions.
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On August 28th, 2014 G-Star RAW will open their 5th store in South Africa, this time in the city of East London.

by Dr. Radut.
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